About Us


We have been designing greenhouses around the world since 1986. Our experiences are built upon numerous projects in the production of vegetables, potted plants, and multiple other crops. We discuss and pre-plan together with our clients in the earliest conceptual stages of the project and truly support them in defining the initial vision to ensure the build matches expectations. This is how dreams become reality.

Facility Design & Crop Consulting

We ensure your crop has the perfect recipe for success including optimal growth and yield potential with efficient work-flow. This is achieved through the pre-planning stage where we sit down with the client to understand the specific needs of the crop(s), seasonal variability of the region, and the technical requirements of the growing environment, along with desired plant height, and uses for the end product. Those factors are then used to assess, select, and then integrate the correct environmental control systems, nutrient and fertigation strategy, curtain control, ventilation, (de)humidification, pest and disease management, harvesting techniques, and greenhouse efficiencies in general. Implementing a CO2 system (liquid or derived from boiler), city heating, or a CoGen system is also discussed and implemented as required. Our team puts great effort into ensuring the heating and irrigation system suits your precise needs with a focus on efficiencies and energy savings.

Whether end-to-end irrigation system design, including benches, ebb/flood, or hydroponics in general, our consulting services span the full scope of what is successfully used commercially today. However, if custom or uncommonly used systems are required to solve a challenge this, too, is entirely possible. Finally, our consultants provide full training for your lead growers and support staff, including assistance in talent identification and hiring.

Construction Estimation Services

Whether you are building a greenhouse complex, expanding your current greenhouses, or investing in equipment, a detailed budget ensures the right decisions are made at the right time. 30+ years of experience and dealing with multiple suppliers on multiple continents has allowed us to gather accurate data and narrow down true construction costs in advance of build while also managing change orders cost effectively throughout the project life cycle.

We can:

  1. Take your needs and then translate them into a detailed budget with a work breakdown structure that delineates the complete cost of construction.
  2. Help with pre-tender materials, competitive tendering of project scope, tender/bid analysis recommendations, contract writing, production estimates, in addition to facilitating supportive dialogue with all trade from the general contractor to the architect.

Our estimating team is precise and extremely good at what they do. Finally, we also provide monthly cash flow models and track your project’s progress to ensure budgets are kept in line.

Greenhouse Design

We design modern, innovative, and sophisticated facilities. By combining our historical knowledge with today’s most effective technologies and carefully applying that experience as the starting point to a detailed design, we provide solutions which are then perfectly adapted to specific local parameters and production volume.

A detailed awareness of local conditions is key to a successful kick-off. We assess and evaluate parameters such as climate, day length, humidity levels, and temperature. Following that, our design team synthesizes this knowledge into the correct options for irrigation, structural, heating, cooling, lighting, electrical, and post-harvest systems. The layout of the facility is designed inclusive of optimal flow for your crop which in turn results in increased productivity levels and decreased cost per kilo. Finally, because operational cost is one of the primary concerns in all efficient operations, we also provide models on energy cost, consumables, labor, and other factors in order to predict and manage operational expenses. In summary, by designing the facility inclusive of present and future needs, operational costs can be anticipated and therefore planned against and therefore mitigating risk.

Project Management

LGC’s highly experienced project managers track and manage the build of the facility from start-up to final handover. Each project is treated as if it were ours in representation of you, the owner, on the job site. Our project managers have decades of combined experience in greenhouse and facilities construction and understand the unique challenges this industry presents. We are on site and constantly tracking the build – ensuring it is in-line with design, budget, schedule, and the quality requirements set out in the contract documents.

We gladly manage invoices and approvals for payment according to contracts and the level of work carried out while remaining independent and objective. The project team regularly sends cost reports to our Estimating department to ensure real-time follow-up and budget control throughout the project life-cycle.

Our client’s peace of mind and satisfaction is our number one priority. We provide the client with regular progress reports advising them of status of items such as: costs to date, project risks, critical path, current accomplishments, current challenges, and most importantly, an update on schedule and budget with progress pictures attached.

Commissioning & Maintenance

One of the most important elements of a successful project is ensuring the end-result is aligned with the initial vision and functions as per the design specifications. Our Commissioning and Maintenance team validates and tracks maintenance requirements for multiple systems including HVAC, electrical, labs, irrigation, and equipment to ensure they function at their design potential. We assess the operations and maintenance manuals provided by the vendors and cross reference those to the actual project targets to ensure compliance. We will also keep and provide digital records of these manuals to provide predictive maintenance and service of your facility over the next several years.

Further, we can provide equipment or systems-specific training to key personnel on all systems, to ensure understanding of not only the positive aspects of the system(s), but also any potential limitations or operational challenges. We have the in-house knowledge to provide detailed analysis and explanation of workflow, work positions, and function(s) of single employees within the system as a whole, or in specific work silos. Finally, we offer a 24-hour hotline to ensure facility issues are addressed in real time based up risk.